We For All, an Indian social development organization, is directly benefitting over children, youth, old and women every year. We have more than live welfare projects on education, healthcare, livelihood, and women’s empowerment in over remote villages and also urban citizen centric initiateves across state of West Bengal of India.
The groundwork for a better life lies in education. It is the most powerful catalyst for social transformation. However, a child cannot be educated in isolation. Only an empowered family, especially the mother, would be willing to educate their child. Thus, rather than focusing on only one stage of a person’s life, we believe in the lifecycle approach.
Education empowers an individual to earn their livelihood and also increases one’s awareness on a range of issues. From healthcare, to appropriate social behavior, to understanding one’s rights – We For All seeks to educate, empower and cultivate.
Being aware about health is an important aspect of ensuring physical and mental well-being. For children, with lesser developed systems and lower immunity, it is even more important. More importantly, regular health check-ups of children are also essential
In keeping with its philosophy, We For All , a Trust ofkolkata, India is to support the underserved.
Following a lifecycle approach, We For All, works intensively through focused welfare projects in five segments –