Enhancing Communication Skills & Soft Skill: An Orientation & Workshop at Rammohan College. at Rammohan College on Soft Skill

Enhancing Communication Skills and Soft Skills: Orientation and Workshop at Rammohan College

On March 1, 2024, Rammohan College hosted an enlightening Orientation and Workshop aimed at enhancing communication skills and soft skills among students. The event was conducted by W FOR ALL, a platform dedicated to empowering individuals with essential life skills.

Speakers in the Program:

  1. Kalyan Chakraborty: As the President of WE FOR ALL, Kalyan Chakraborty shared valuable insights on effective communication techniques, emphasizing clarity, active listening, and empathy.
  2. Alkananda Moulik: An esteemed educator, Alkananda Moulik delved into the nuances of soft skills development. Her session covered aspects like teamwork, adaptability, and emotional intelligence.
  3. Biswanath Banerjee: Serving as an Assistant Professor at Rammohan College, Biswanath Banerjee provided practical tips on professional etiquette, time management, and interpersonal effectiveness.

The workshop fostered an environment of learning, self-improvement, and holistic development. Participants gained valuable tools to navigate their academic and professional journeys successfully.

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